Fruits and Vegetables Grade I

It was a mesmerising site to see students of Grade I depicting themselves as various fruits and vegetables and explaining the health benefit of it. Through this activity the facilitator aimed to provide students with proper information about the nutritive value of various fruits and vegetables.


Janmasthmi Celebration

SGVP students celebrated Janmashtami festival with great zeal, pomp, sheer passion blended with fun and frolic.The event was commenced with orchestral music followed by a heart-warming skit depicting a strong bond of friendship between Shri Krishna and Sudama. They won the soul of the spectators with a spell bound and mesmerizing dance performance followed by the act of 'Matki Phod'. The entire aura was transformed and brimmed with joy, devotion and happiness.


Backward Counting Sr. KG (CBSE)

Backward counting lay the fundamental foundation for learning before numbers. Here is a view of Senior Kindergarten students deeply engrossed and enjoying the activity of backward counting. The students were asked to hop on the numbers written on the floor. Through this activity the facilitator aimed to aid students in understanding the concept of backward counting easily and even develop Gross Motor Skills.


Place - Value

Place value plays a vital role in mathematical curriculum. Understanding of place value helps to comprehend large number computation much easily. Therefore for a better understanding of the concept and to make learning fun for the students the facilitator of Grade II conducted an activity pertaining to place value. The facilitator had formed groups of three where the students were provided with a dice and were asked to frame numbers using it. The students wrote numbers under respective columns i.e. Hundreds, Tens or Ones.

Clock Activity Grade 1B

Grade I students were engrossed in a fun filled the activity conducted to learn the topic of Time. The facilitator used a hula hoop ring to make a clock. The students were asked to represent different time dictated to them. Through this activity the facilitator amalgamated different mathematical concepts like shapes, numerals and long and short.