Ganesh Pooja in Hostel

Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as #VinayakaChaturthi is the Hindu festival that reveres god Ganesha. The hostel students of SGVP and Darshanam commemorated this auspicious day with great devotion. The students prayed to Lord Ganesha for their well-being and offered flowers and garland to the deity.


Relationship between animals and humans Grade 1A

Animals are a part of the world around us. It is important to make students think about the relationship between animals and humans and their #Responsibilities towards animals. With this aim the facilitator of Grade I conducted an activity where in students dressed themselves as different animals and spoke a few lines on it.

Fancy Dress competition Grade 1 & 2

Fancy dress competitions amuse and entertain students a lot. It was a dazzling and spectacular view to see the young ones of different classes donned the roles of different mythological character, articles of daily use, and equipment’s of modern era. The purpose of conducting such competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to provide learning opportunities and activities which appeal to children's multiple intelligences.