House Investiture Ceremony 2017

To understand the Indian parliament system the school has a unique system of self-governance. This system enables the students to obtain a greater understanding of the functioning of the democratic institution of India whilst fostering discipline and respect. Through the School Council, the school parliament aims to promote democratic practices, to develop participatory leadership and to promote an environment conducive to educational and personal developments.

Balancing Activity Grade JR & SR KG (CBSE)

Balancing is one of the activity which need to be given utmost importance during early childhood. This activity helps in balancing their body which directly helps the students to increase their attention span and understand the concept of left and right. Here is a glimpse of Pre-primary students performing activity of balancing. They enjoyed the activity thoroughly.


Nouns Activity Grade 4

Grammar plays a vital role in enriching ones language. Therefore it is important that the grammatical concepts of the students to be more clear. Here is a view of Grade IV students engaged in the activity related to noun where the students wrote names of different objects and classified them under the two main heading given to them. The activity helped students to strengthen their concepts of nouns and its types and also helped to enhance their vocabulary bank.


Clay work Activity Grade KG(CBSE)

The little ones of Junior Kindergarten having fun with clay and pouring their creativity. This activity enables to develop student’s Fine Motor Skills, which is essential to be developed during early years as it helps to boost children’s self-esteem and academic progress. Eye-Hand Coordination and Creativity are the other skills which are also developed along with the Fine Motor Skills.