Sense Activity Grade 1A

Human beings learn and acquire knowledge about the surroundings and all other subjects by using five sense organs. The facilitator of Grade I conducted an activity on sense organs by blindfolding the students and recognizing the things kept on the table. Students enjoyed doing the activity and even understood the importance of all the five sense organs in one’s life.


Pattern Activity KG

According to Harward Gardner each student has a different and unique way of imbibing concepts. Keeping this theory in mind the facilitators of Senior Kindergarten conducted an activity of pattern tracing. The students were asked to walk on the pattern drawn. This activity not only helped in enhancing their motor skills but also in learning patterns for cursive.


Art Activity Grade KG(CBSE)

Here is a view of Senior Kindergarten students been engaged in making a swan from hand print. They are found enjoying with different hues of colours and pouring out their creativity on the canvas. Such activities help to develop cognitive, socio-emotional, and motor skills of a child. 


Rathyatra Celebration Grade 5-9 & 11

Today’s assembly was unique on its own as the students of SGVP and Sanskrit Mahavidhyalaya performed a combined assembly on the occasion Rathyatra celebration to be held tomorrow. Ratha Yatra is a Hindu festival associated with Lord Jagannath held at Puri in the state of Odisha, India. A presentation was shown by the students of Darshanam to throw light on the unknown facts about Puri Jagannath. The students of SGVP presented a skit and a dance depicting the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.