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Elocution Competition Grade 5-12

Elocution competition at school contributes in shaping and stimulating a child’s overall development especially Social and Public speaking skills. An Inter-House competition was held at SGVP International School. Eloquent speakers brimmed with confidence, articulated their views on ‘Importance of Healthy food’. It was truly enthralling to watch young orators endow the audience and Judges with enlightening and informative speeches with appropriate content, flow, body language, voice modulation, enunciation, vocabulary, and diction. 


Living & Non-living Activity Grade 3B

Students of Grade III are engrossed in a fun loving activity of classifying living and non-living things from the objects given to them. The game was an amalgamation of scientific as well as mathematical concept. Through this activity the facilitator aims to strengthen the understanding of one of the ways through which things are categorized in our world. 


Leaf Collage Activity Grade 1A

Art plays a vital role in enhancing children’s creativity. Collage making is a wonderful art work, especially for young children because it nurtures their natural desire to explore the world through their sense of touch. Here is a view of Grade I students engaged in collage making activity. The students collected different types of leaves and created a beautiful art work out of it.


Roman Number Grade 5C

The notion of Roman numerals was introduced to Grade 5 by incorporating and amalgamating Indian numbers. Learners immersed themselves in pragmatic learning with hands on activity using match sticks to resolve various mathematical operations in Roman numbers. It was astounding to watch the young mathematicians intertwine the transition from the modern class arithmetic to classical antiquity.


Rhymes (CBSE)

Rhymes play an important role in developing and enhancing child’s language, reading skills, diction and intonation. The little ones of Rising Stars are whirling and twirling in the rhythm of various melodious rhymes. Students enjoyed a lot and were happy to sing rhymes during rhyme time.