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Word building

Word building activities help children build their #vocabulary, improve spelling, and to synthesise words! These activities are perfect for #kindergarten #students as they help to lay a solid foundation in literacy that will form the basis for their English language skills in years to come.

Aashirwad Samaroh 2016

Each year to honour the boys who are crossing the important milestones of the 10th and 12th board exams, #SGVP holds the #Ashirwad #Samaroh which commemorates the Samavartan sanskar that is part of the traditional Gurukul system. We were blessed by the divine presence of the #CEO of Gurukul Param Pujya Purani Shri Balkrishnadasji Swami who gave us some much needed spiritual advice. Also, the ever present and inspiring words of SGVP's Executive #Director Jaydevsinh Sonagara motivated the boys to give their absolute all for the upcoming #exams.