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Inter House Quiz Competition Grade 5-9 & 11

Learning about all aspects of safety is an important part of education. Students along with the facilitators conducted a morning assembly based on the theme #SafetyMeasures both at home and at school. To reiterate this awareness an eye-opening video and informative speech was used as a tool to trigger 'safety' and 'responsibility' amongst the students. Through these tools, students were able to comprehend its importance and reciprocate with the risks and repercussions involved.

Green Day Grade Pre primary

Green- the colour of #Prosperity and #Harmony was celebrated with great exuberance, enthusiasm, and zeal in the Pre-Primary wing. Students were found engaged in many activities and games pertaining to green colour. Show and Tell activity was also conducted where students brought one green coloured object from home and spoke few lines on the same.

Drawing & Colouring Competition

“Every child is an artist”
- Pablo Picasso
A child’s drawing can tell you so much more than you are usually willing to see. Even the simplest form of scribbling, art or drawing can tell you the story of their thoughts, feelings, and aspirations. Here is a glimpse of the students of pre-primary and primary unleashing their talent happily.


Healthy Food Grade 1

As one of the famous quotes says that “There is nothing unhealthy in educating youngsters about nutrition,” the facilitator of Grade II had organised an activity named #FoodForHealth”. The students learnt about food and its importance. In this activity they were asked to draw any five food items and speak about the #NutritiveValue of it.