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Dress competition Grade 1 & 2

Fancy dress competitions amuse and entertain students a lot. It was a dazzling and spectacular view to see the young ones of different classes donned the roles of different mythological character, articles of daily use, and equipment’s of modern era. The purpose of conducting such competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to provide learning opportunities and activities which appeal to children's multiple intelligences.


Janmasthmi Projects Grade 2

#ProjectBasedLearning helps students apply what they learn in their #RealLife. In the process of completing their projects, students hone their organisational and research skills and develop better communication with their peers and adults. Here is a view of different projects accomplished by the students of Grade II during their #Janmashtmi Break.


Cultivation of fungi Grade 10

Science laboratory #Experiments include developing scientific reasoning abilities, increasing understanding of the complexity by developing practical skills. Students of grade 10 performed an experiment on #CultivationOfFungi', where students cultivated Rhizopus Fungi .They examined it and observed microscopic view of mounted fungal growth on the slide.