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Place - Value

Place value plays a vital role in mathematical curriculum. Understanding of place value helps to comprehend large number computation much easily. Therefore for a better understanding of the concept and to make learning fun for the students the facilitator of Grade II conducted an activity pertaining to place value. The facilitator had formed groups of three where the students were provided with a dice and were asked to frame numbers using it. The students wrote numbers under respective columns i.e. Hundreds, Tens or Ones.

Clock Activity Grade 1B

Grade I students were engrossed in a fun filled the activity conducted to learn the topic of Time. The facilitator used a hula hoop ring to make a clock. The students were asked to represent different time dictated to them. Through this activity the facilitator amalgamated different mathematical concepts like shapes, numerals and long and short.


Rakhi Making

Love between a brother and a sister is one of the deepest and the noblest of human emotion. Raksha Bandhan is a special occasion to celebrate this emotional bond. The little ones of Pre-Primary enjoyed making a beautiful, ravishing, and an eye catching rakhi and displaying a unique level of creativity and imagination.


Cereals & Pulses Grade 1A

“Knowledge is Actively Constructed by Students,
Not passively observed from Text Books and Lectures.”
Students discover and learn the best through their senses, through movement, and through their sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them. With this view point the facilitator of Grade I taught the concept of identifying different cereals and pulses by displaying samples of the same and asking students to explore by touching and smelling it. Thus proving the students with experiential learning.


Story Time JR KG (CBSE)

Stories always captivate young children. Here is a view of Jr KG students deeply and immensely engrossed in listening to the story narrated by their facilitator. These type of storytelling sessions play a vital role in a children’s overall development at early age. It forms a crucial part in enhancing their vocabulary and listening skills. Stories also help to explain different phenomena, cultural beliefs, attitude, traditions and much more.