Footprint Carnival 2014

SGVP has taken an initiative to explore the hidden talent of every kid. The young stars of SGVP wish to celebrate this year’s Annual Carnival: FOOTPRINTS- The Journey towards Success- with their other friends across the city. SGVP Family in this regard is going to open the celebration where the Pupils of our school as well as throughout the city will display & demonstrate their talent & abilities.  We aim to help the children grow independent and incorporate life-skills to foster their social development.

The eventful journey will start every day, that is, 18th, 19th, 20th & 21st December’2014, from 2:00pm to 7:00pm. Around 60,000 guests, children, and parents throughout the city, are expected to participate in this four-day event.
It’s the first time that a School is organizing a mega event and is providing a platform to the school children to express themselves, satisfy their inquisitiveness, ignite their minds to think outside the box and soar high with their wings, on such a large scale.
The days are going to be full of fun, frolic and joy. The various activities to be organized will be Poem Recitation competition, Story-Telling Competition, cultural shows, Memory Game, Healthy baby, Health check-up, Coloring Competition, Fun rides Food courts, etc.
Apart from this, Pupils have been divided into different groups like Languages, Social Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, Science, Art & Craft & Spirituality beyond Religion, where they will be showcasing the evolution, development & growth taken/ taking  place in their respective group  and outlook towards coming future, with the help of skits, experiments, charts, models and power-point presentations.
We heartily invite you with your family & friends for this mega- event, as it is going to be a memorable day for all of us, with lot of learning along with participation & innovation.
By the end of the event we believe child will have gained self confidence & become self reliant & of course his self esteem will reach a new height.


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