KIDS Carnival 2013

SGVP has taken an initiative to explore the hidden talent of every kid. The Shining Stars of SGVP wish to celebrate this year’s ‘Children’s Day’ with their other friends across the city. In this regard we are going to host ‘KIDS CARNIVAL’ on 24th November 2013 at SGVP International School.  We aim to help the children grow independent and incorporate life-skills to foster their social development.
It’s the first time that a preschool is providing a platform to the kids to express themselves, satisfy their inquisitiveness, ignite their minds to think outside the box and soar high with their wings.
The day is going to be full of fun, frolic and joy. The various activities to be organized will be Fancy dress, Poem Recitation, Story Narration, Memory Game, Word Building, Healthy baby, Colouring, Handwriting, Skating etc
We heartily invite you with your ward for this event as it is going to be a memorable day for all of us. With lot of learning along with innovation. By the end of the event we believe child will that the have gained self confidence & become self reliant & of course his self esteem will reach a new height.
All work no play makes Jack a dull boy.  For the recreation of kids we have arranged for puppet show, Jumping Jack etc.
Download entry form for the event. The entry form duly filled has to be sent back to us by 21th Nov. 2013
Evaluation Criteria
2 groups: Age group 2 to 4 yrs and 4 to 6 yrs.
Fancy Dress
Story Narration
Time Limit: 3 minutes
·  Creativity  ·  Costumes  ·  Presentation
Kids have to dress up and present themselves in the true form of the character they are portraying and delivering dialogues related to the character.
Time Limit: maximum 5 minutes
·  Language  ·  Intonations  ·  Content
·  Presentation  ·  Voice modulation  ·  Props Usage
Kids have to narrate story using props as per the requirement.
Poem Recitation
Healthy Baby
Time Limit: maximum 5 minutes
·  Pronunciation  ·  Presentation  ·  Content
·  Clarity  ·  Memorization
Kids will recite poem with proper pronunciation.
Time Limit: maximum 10 minutes
·  Height  ·  Weight  ·  Vaccination
·  Clinical Examination
Doctors will examine the child.
Time Limit: 15 minutes
·  Colour scheme  ·  Strokes  ·  Neatness
Kids have to colour the given picture. Students are suppose to carry crayons along with them.
Time Limit: 10 minutes
·  Speed  ·  Technique  ·  Balance
Kids of age 2 to 4 will do skating for 50m and 4 to 6 yrs for 100 m. Students are suppose to carry pair of skates and helmet with them.
Check My Memory
Time Limit: 10 minutes
4-line paper will be given to kids.
2 to 4 yrs will have to copy ten words from the board and
4 to 6 yrs have to copy a paragraph from the board.
· Gap between letters/ gap between words in a paragraph
·  Neatness  ·  Clarity of alphabets  ·  Accuracy
Time Limit: 5 minutes
A picture will be shown to the kids that will include fruits, vegetables, animals, birds, helpers and objects on the screen for 30 seconds. Then kids have to recall their memory and list out orally what they saw on the screen in 5 minutes.
Word Building
Time Limit: 15 minutes
A letter will be given to a child and they have to list as many words possible starting with the given letter. Eg. Letter ‘b’ – bat, balloon, bell, box, bus etc…
General Instructions:
1.      The reporting time for the participant is 8:30 am sharp as competition will start immediately after registration of the student.
2.      Parents should wait till a child finishes his participation in all competitions and take the child back home after result declaration.
3.      No parents should go back home after leaving the child at SGVP as their kids will not be familiar with the place.
4.      No parent will be allowed to accompany the child in competition room as it will divert child’s attention.
5.      A guided tour to SGVP Campus is arranged for the parents, while children are busy with the competition.
6.      Parents can avail canteen facility on need basis.
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