Vice Principal's Desk

The most important goal of education in SGVP is to equip students to meet the needs of the times. The curriculum in the classroom is designed to incorporate many skills and intelligence levels, and makes use of technology and multimedia. The lessons are not only based on textbooks, instead they are project based. Skills and content are learned through their research and projects, and textbooks are provided as one of many possible resources. Students collaborate with people from different schools and different countries to learn about issues that affect us all, as well as how we can solve them today and in the future.
The ability to foster a love of learning is truly the role of education at SGVP .It is not merely acquiring few facts of Maths or Science but in development of moral character and ethical values. We influence the attitude of the students so that they are able to discriminate between right and wrong throughout their lives and become mature individuals who will flag the banner of the School with respect for human values and love for humanity.
Vice Principal
Mrs. Padma kumar